I’m now doing freelance writing and game design. My standard rate is 5 cents a word. System-wise I’m strongest in Savage Worlds and Fate, but I have experience with most modern games and adapt quickly to new ones. For content I specialize in adventures or creating environments that facilitate adventures.

Published Work

  • “Hopping Vampires” writer (Pyramid Magazine, May 1998)
  • “Hard Vacuum” designer/writer (Fat Messiah Games, 2000)
  • “Hard Vacuum – Science Gone Mad” designer/writer (Fat Messiah Games, 2001)
  • “Hard Vacuum – Red October” designer/writer (Web published, 2002)
  • “Hard Vacuum – The Highest Ground” designer/writer (Web published, 2003)
  • “Hard Vacuum – War’s End” designer/writer (Web published, 2004)
  • “Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition” contributing writer (Third Eye Games, November 2015)
  • “Codex Infernus” contributing writer (Gunmetal Games, December 2015)


Hard Vacuum Sample
Ninja Crusade Sample (pending)


“Darrell rocks!” – Eloy Lasanta, Third Eye Games
“Dude can write!” – David Jarvis, Gunmetal Games


Darrell Hayhurst
(520) 867-6302